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We have provided below (in questions & answer format) answers to the ten most common questions often raised by our clients and prospective clients.


We hope you find our answers to these questions sufficiently reassuring.


Please feel free to contact us for any further information.


Q1. Is your service solely for private property investor?


No. Our service is aimed at helping anyone who wants to be financially free through investing in and acquiring real financial assets of property and precious metals.


Q2. Are you promoting a get rich quick scheme?


Certainly not! Investment in property and other real assets is not a get rich quick scheme. Furthermore, we can confirm to you that almost all, if not all of the so called “get rich quick schemes” that you might come across don’t work. Our number one service is to educate and support our clients to acquire and build assets by themselves. However, we do appreciate the fact that some clients prefer a fully supported process. So whether you just want the education and guidance or you want a turn-key solution, we can help. Contact us NOW for further details.


Q3. Do you offer any guarantees that your solutions will work for me?


In some cases, we do depending on the type of service we agree to provide to you.


Q4. Do you offer turn-key properties I can invest in?


Yes we do. Please feel free to submit your enquiry to us.


Q5. Are you available for an initial chat to discuss my specific requirements?


Yes we are. Please contact us NOW for a free consultation and we'd be happy to assist you.


Q6. I am looking for "no money down" property deals. Do you offer these?


As a general principle, we don’t. However, we do use a range of effective and legal strategies to help our clients build their property portfolio. We will explain many of these strategies to you and demonstrate to you the hidden dangers of many of the so called “no money down” deals within our financial and property education programme.


Q7. Can you help with mortgage finance?


Yes we can introduce our clients to a panel of trusted and authorised independent mortgage advisers, who specialise in the private investor market.


Q8. As an experienced property investor, can I benefit from your service?


Yes you can. Experienced investors are particularly well placed to benefit from our service as they may not be maximising the opportunities and strategies available that they can utilise to build and preserve their wealth.


Q9. Do you do Joint Ventures (JV)?


Yes we do, subject to our terms and conditions. Please see further details in our joint venture section above.


Q10. What fees do you charge for your service?


We charge competitive fees for each of the services that we offer. We will normally discuss on a no obligation basis our fees with clients before they engage our services.


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