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Michigan - Case Study

Below are examples of properties that we offer to our clients in Michigan USA.


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Michigan Hot Properties





Typical Investment Summary

No. of Bedrooms

4 bedrooms

3 bedrooms


Discounted Purchase Price




Monthly Rent




Annual Gross Rent




Annual Gross Yield




Annual Expenses




Annual cashflow




Annual Pre Tax Yield




Legal disclaimer:


i. Investment opportunities promoted here relates to the owing of already built bricks & mortar residential investment properties in Michigan, USA. We do not promote investments into mutual funds or into collective investment schemes.

ii. Property is an illiquid investment that cannot readily be turned into cash. Investments into properties should be seen as a medium to long term investment, not a get rich quick scheme.

iii. Purchase price and yield may vary by property and may change without prior notice. They may be higher or lower than those illustrated above.

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