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Our 5 risk-free guarantees take away your risks

Our commitment is that our clients must neither expose themselves nor their monies to unnecessary risks. Furthermore, our clients should not commit any money to any investment proposition until they are 100% satisfied that the investment they wish to make is 100% right for them.


As a result of this, you can do business with us rest assured that we have your best interest at heart.


We will provide you with the following risk free guarantees.


1. No Pressure Guarantee - We will always allow you a minimum of 48 hours to consider whether or not our services are right for you before you make a decision to do business with us. If you don't feel happy to go ahead, simply tell us and you will have lost nothing.


2. No Unclear Advance Fee Guarantee – We will never ask you to pay monies to us in advance of a service; until you have received full details of the service we are going to provide to you and you have had sufficient time to review and consider what we have to offer and signed a written agreement that you are happy to proceed.


3. Money Safety Guarantee – We will never ask you to pay the monies earmarked for your investment directly to us. The only money you will pay to us would be the agreed fee for our services.


4. Conflict of Interest Guarantee – We will always inform you in advance and before you invest your money if we have vested interest in any property investment that we promote or recommend to you.


5. No Out of Pocket Guarantee – We will not make any charges to you if we fail to deliver on our promises to you so, you won’t be out of pocket.

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