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Project Management

Our low cost project management & advisory service has been designed to help our clients turn their property investment dream a reality, whilst avoiding cost mistakes.


Within the service, we focus on the following core outcomes:


i. Most cost effective property refurbishment, using our trusted team of approved and competent contractors.

ii. Quality workmanship supervised and managed by our experienced staff.

iii. Nothing is left to chance.

iv. Internal and external re-decoration to guarantee your property is let or resold quickly.

iv. Top quality let-able (or re-sale) property that will command optimum rent or sale price in the local market.


Our low cost projective management & advisory service is a trusted stand-alone service to our clients.


This service is designed to benefit both busy experienced investors clients as well as new property investor clients, to manage the hands on process of refurbishing an investment property, as well as finding the best Letting Agent or preparing the property for resale so that clients can turn their aspirations into a cash producing real asset fast.


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