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The physical investment Gem

The physical investment Gem

Similar to Gold, silver is a precious metal. Although it does not have the superior value-holding power of Gold, Silver is equally important in an investment portfolio as it can deliver above-average returns and help to hedge against inflation.


Silver has many uses because it is malleable, ductile and lustrous. These versatile uses make it a leading in-demand precious metal.


Silver comes in different grades, with the purest form being 999 silver i.e. 99.9% pure as commonly referred to as “Fine” Silver. Fine silver is usually found in the form of bars, coins, ingot and grains.


Whereas gold could offer the ultimate protection against uncertain economic times, silver is a more speculative investment asset which can deliver substantial profits over time.


As quoted by Bullion By Post, “in the three years between December 2008 and December 2011, the price of silver increased by some 233%”, substantially outperforming any other type of investment asset class including paper assets, real estate and even gold. As an example if you had invested £10,000 (£12,000 including VAT) in silver in December 2008, you silver bullion would have been worth over £33,000 three years later in December 2011. Over the same period, you would have lost a substantial amount of your investment in most other asset classes, especially those in paper asset!


Through our belief in wealth preservation, unleashwealth, where appropriate will point you in the right direction as to whom and where you can buy safely buy investment grade Silver. Contact us NOW for further information as to the merit of Gold investment for you.


As an initial start, below are links to some of the leading authorised dealers in this highly precious metal.



unleashwealth is not an authorised precious metals dealer and is not regulated under the Financial Services & Markets Act 2000 (FSMA).

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This website is neither a solicitation for nor an offer to Buy/Sell Silver or any other precious metals. Clients are recommended to seek suitability advice from authorised precious metals dealers.




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